Right, let’s spruce up that CV with a bit of British flair, shall we? A jolly good guide to making your CV as bespoke as a Savile Row suit, with a tip of the hat to the career gurus at www.wecansolvit.com

  • The Keyword Caper: Nick those job description keywords and pepper them into your CV. It’s not cheeky; it’s clever!
  • The Chameleon’s Change-Up: Tailor your skills like you’re altering a fine tweed jacket. Make it fit the job you’re after.
  • Spotlight on Stage: Shine a light on relevant experiences. If the job’s in a tea shop, your HGV driving or office cleaning skills might not cut the mustard.
  • The Brevity Brigade: Keep it short and sweet. Your CV isn’t a Dickens novel, 2 pages is more than enough unless all of your work history is super relevant.
  • The Eagle-Eyed Editor: Scour for typos. Even the Queen’s English frowns upon spelling slip-ups, at worst, use a website like thesaurus.com or just get a family friend to give it a quick once over.
  • The Personal Touch: Add a smidge of your own character. Show them there’s a chap or chapess behind the curriculum vitae.  You don’t want to appear boring and someone who is easy to forget.

Remember, a customised CV is like a cup of perfect coffee – just right. For more top-notch advice, pop over to www.wecansolvit.com. They have more wisdom than a double-decker bus has seats!




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