Changing jobs is something most of us will do at some point, it could be after a few years, perhaps an extended service or just because you hate your job, your boss, your colleagues or all of the above.

The funny thing is that the counteroffer almost always rears its head and whilst having that extra few quid can be temping and you start to think “better the devil you know” – you should always, stop, think twice (pipe down Celine Dion) and think about what going on.

Here are 5 points you might want to consider.

Sudden Love Syndrome

Ever noticed how your boss never realised your true worth until you threatened to leave? It’s like a crappy rom com where the bloke only realises he loves the girl when she’s boarding a plane to Paris. Don’t fall for this sudden outpouring of appreciation. Next thing you know, they will be holding a Bluetooth speaker outside your window.

Witness Protection Scheme, Office Edition

Accepted the counteroffer? Congratulations, you’ve just joined the office  version of the witness protection scheme. Now, every time you walk into a meeting, your colleagues will give you the ‘Oh, you’re still here?’ look. Enjoy your newfound undercover status!

The Magic Disappearing Pay Rise

That lovely pay raise they offered to keep you? Watch it perform a vanishing act at your next performance review. “Remember that massive pay rise we gave you last year? Yeah, that was actually your next five years’ worth of pay raises. Surprise!”

Trust Issues – Office Style

Once you’ve accepted a counteroffer, you’re like that character in a horror film who decided it was a good idea to investigate the spooky noise in the loft. Everyone knows you tried to leave, and now your loyalty will be questioned. Don’t be surprised if you’re not invited to Friday drinks, strategy meetings, even the Christmas party.

The Déjà Vu Job

Accepting a counteroffer often means staying in the same old role, with the same old responsibilities, but now with added pressure and scrutiny. It’s like choosing to rewatch a film you didn’t like the first time, hoping it will somehow be better the second time around. Spoiler alert: It’s not, it’s worse!

So, what are you saying, Saunders?

While counteroffers may be flattering, they are often just “Oh Shit” reactions from your boss. Remember, you wanted to leave for a reason. So, unless the counteroffer includes a Porsche (not electric) and an office with a sea-view, it might be best to stick to your original plan.

Enjoy your venture – you only live once, don’t live a life full of regret.

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