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Commercial Jobs

Looking to land your dream job with some of the best employers in the commercial sector? 

Then sometimes you need a little help. There is often a gap between employers looking for talented and skilled staff and those very same people trying to find the right position. Our aim is to bridge that gap. Here at Solvit Recruitment, we are dedicated to matching skilled, professional and qualified commercial candidates with employers who can meet their desire for progress, development and growth.

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One of the key problems with commercial recruitment is that it covers a huge range of jobs. From office-based admin through to customer services and managerial roles, the commercial sector in the UK is huge and ever-evolving. This can lead both employers and potential staff to become confused as to exactly what they are looking for. Yet, commercial positions often have good potential for career advancement and progression. Potential commercial recruitment candidates need to have excellent written and verbal communications, high levels of computer literacy, good team skills, relevant qualifications and a strong work ethic.

What we do for you:


We find you part-time, full-time and contract work that suits your skill set and matches your ambition and drive to succeed.


We fully vet both you and potential employers to make sure that all roles and working conditions are suitable and that pay grades are in line with market values.


We ensure that any role we put you forward for has the potential for career growth, training or personal development so that you can continue along your desired career pathway.

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