SolviT Recruitment doesn’t do this – can your recruitment partner say the same?

After spending as long as I have within the world of recruitment, you start to realise that some recruiters are clearly better than others and bad habits start to become trends.  With that in mind, here are 5 things that SolviT Recruitment DO NOT DO. However, you might spot a few that strike a chord with you based on experience.

  1. Purely rely on keywords on a CV: let’s address the elephant in the room now, super skilled engineering or top of their game vehicle mechanics write truly naff CV’s…there I had said it, but before you called me the full range of swear words from A – Z let me explain.  Candidates within these sectors speak with their hands, they live by trade tests or prove their metal with how they can weld or make a CNC machine dance.  These skills don’t translate into CVs, and we at SolviT Recruitment understand that which is why we never discount a candidate based on keywords NOT being on their CV – it’s amazing what you find out when you simply start asking questions. 
  2. Relying Solely on Technology: Chat GPT is good, but it should NOT be used to write job adverts, I mean come on, how lazy can you be? Recruiters charge a fortune for their service so creating a medium to attract candidates should be a well thought out, targeted process designed to stand out from the pack and make some noise – not a 45 second exercise where you ask some random AI to write you a job advert that most search engines have scripts in place to suppress content created by natural language processing systems (true fact).  A user of recruitment agencies could very easily do this themselves for free so why pay thousands for this shoddy service?
  3. Copy and paste a client’s job spec:  A major hate of mine however so many recruiters do this (if you don’t believe me, do a search on Indeed or CV-Library for the agency you use and the job title).  This is just extremely lazy, pointless, and poor. So many recruiters think it’s ok to get your job spec, copy and paste it into their favourite word processor, remove any reference to the company name before saving, pasting into their CRM or Job board, and crossing their fingers.  Don’t believe me? – do a free search on the major job boards and see for yourself.
  4. Overpromising or Misleading Candidates: Integrity is key. Good recruiters don’t exaggerate job roles, salary expectations, or company culture to win over candidates. They should provide accurate and transparent information to manage expectations.  No job is perfect, and we need to be able to explain a role right, so the benefits far outweigh the occasional negative of any job.
  5. Chuck less than average CV’s at a client purely to hit KPI’s: Recruiters should only be sending CVs of candidates who are above 80% right for the role.  The CV should be branded, with clear comments as to why the candidate is right along with highlighting the strengths (and weaknesses where applicable).  Just because the CV has a keyword on it such as CNC doesn’t make that person right unless the recruiter can clearly explain what the candidate has used, to what level, do they just operate or set, what language do they use, and can they program – is this starting to read familiar?

So, what am I say?

By steering clear of these practices, good recruiters can build stronger relationships, find the right talent, and contribute positively to their partner client’s growth.  Raising an invoice one month and then either crediting or arranging a free replacement next month is not the right way to build a relationship, positively affect a business or earn that all important trust.

If you want to work with a recruitment business that doesn’t do any of the above, can prove it and give you some real strategies showing how we will fill a role along with providing a timescale then you know what to you, but if you want me point you in the right direction then see below.

It starts and ends with your calling SolviT Recruitment on 01455 818999.




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